Child Immigration: The DACA Policy

DACA is the acronym for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. This controversial policy is meant to give a temporary permission to stay in the United States to children that come into the United States illegally. DACA could be seen in […]

Dangers that Illegal Immigrants Face in the Quest for Greener Pastures

There has always been a link between illegal immigration and crime. For many years now, the number of people who are in the U.S illegally has been on a steady rise, and this comes with many risk factors and dangers […]

The Supreme Court Urged To Overturn Obamagration Blocks

The politicians in Salt Lake City filed documents on Friday in support of Barack Obama executive actions in a dictatorial attempt to force law as police. Those people in Salt Lake City should be burned. America is a nation of […]

Canada & The South: Immigration Differences

A large number of Canadians have also began to immigrate into the United States. Immigrants coming in from the north don’t pose as much of a problem as is the case with immigration from the south. The biggest difference is […]

Canada & The South: Immigration Differences - Texas Immigration Help & Assistance - November 19, 2015:
[…] Canadians in the US is much lower than the immigrant criminal [...]