Just because a person has legally and lawfully immigrated to Houston doesn’t mean they won’t make a mistake and commit a crime, or be the victim of mistaken identity and end up accused of a crime. If an immigrant to the United States is arrested and convicted of a criminal offense in Houston, it’s likely they’ll need a top criminal defense lawyer on their side, and they’ll be subject to deportation. If they’re deported, they won’t be able to enjoy the privilege of living among Americans and taking advantage of the American Dream and learning the American way.

Recommended Criminal Justice Lawyer in Houston

It’s Best to Secure Legal Representation Immediately

If you’re found not-guilty of the charges against you, or if your case is thrown out of court by a Harris County judge, then you won’t be subjected to deportation because you weren’t convicted. However, you’ll need a lawyer on your side to facilitate any potential for a case dismissal.

Our recommendation to anyone arrested for a criminal offense in Houston and might be deported due to the offense, is to contact Attorney Mark W. Bennett of the Bennett & Bennett law firm in Houston at 917 Franklin St. As far as the Houston criminal defense bar is concerned, Mark is considered to be one of the best attorneys in Texas for defendants charged with felony offenses. To contact Bennett & Bennett you can use the map below which features the phone number to the law firm and driving directions to their downtown Houston office.

He’s Not a Houston Immigration Lawyer

But a Focused Criminal Law Attorney

If you or someone you know are facing prosecution for a crime in Houston, it’s best to contact a criminal defense lawyer as opposed to going back to your immigration lawyer for legal counsel on a criminal matter. With numerous sections of the law in existence, it’s always best to seek out an attorney that specializes in one particular area of the law as jack-of-all-trade lawyers might not be the best option when a person’s life and livelihood are on the line.

We at the Immigration Helper blog have seen many immigrants that were accused of crimes come out of the situation relatively unscathed by their experienced within the Texas criminal justice system while others were found guilty and will be deported from the United States due to their crimes. Remember, if an immigrant is accused of a crime in Texas, they’ll need to ensure they’re represented by a competent attorney that knows how to fight back against criminal charges with a history of success challenging prosecutors.

Criminal Defense for Houston Immigrants