What Is A Sex Crime?

A General Overview of the Sex Crime Concept

A sex crime is a serious crime in which one person takes advantage of another for sexual gratification or for profit. In some instances, like prostitution, it’s not a serious matter, but in other matters like aggravated sexual assault, it’s a scourge on society.  So in short, A sex crime as a criminal act that involves taking advantage of another person sexually. This is a crime of moral turpitude ranking right up there with theft, murder, and everything that we perceive of individuals that embodies an immoral nature.

Overview of Various Criminal Sex Acts

A Quick Look at Illegal Sexual Acts

Numerous criminal acts are prosecuted in Houston, Harris County, TX, as sex crimes. These offenses include child molestation, continuous sexual assault of a child, possession of child pornography, solicitation of a child for sex, online sexual solicitation of a child, compelling prostitution, rape, sexual assault, and aggravated sexual assault.

Aggravated sexual assault cases involve a weapon, a threat of violence, or taking advantage of a person who could not have reasonably been expected to have the ability to defend themselves or resist their aggressor. These cases are always prosecuted as second or first-degree felonies that carry hefty penalties for individuals adjudged as guilty in the court of law.

Possession of child pornography and child sexual assault cases are also prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The reasoning is because children are usually vulnerable and are almost always unable to defend themselves or alert responsible adults to the occurrence of a problem. To discourage this behavior, the state enacts punitive consequences on individuals that are adjudged as guilty.

Victims of Sex Crimes

And The Ones Who Make False Allegations

When a person is accused of a sex crime, it means that there is a victim. And this victim has just went through a terrifying ordeal that may lead to extreme bouts of post-traumatic stress for years to come.

Imagine having your anus penetrated by an overpowering lesbian that’s hoping to turn out a young girl. Imagine the type of trauma that young lady will have and might inflict on others in her future. Sex offenses are a scourge of society and this includes individuals encased in pedophilia. These are the worst types of crimes in our society and its victims are the most damaged.

Based on the way society views sex offenders and the accompanying empathy for the victim, many individuals are motivated to make false allegations of sexual assault more often than not. Women make these accusations all the time for the purpose of getting back at men who no longer want them in their lives, for the purpose of jealousy, or for the purpose of gaming the Family Court or the criminal court system to their benefit. These sociopathic bitches are almost as worst if not worse than the criminals that actually commit these crimes. If you are under attack by one of these sociopathic champions of victimhood, you’ll need to hire a Houston sex crime lawyer that has experience fighting them.

Lawyers for Sex Crime Cases in Houston

Consider Jack B. Carroll & Associates

Fighting back against prosecutors that are hungry for a conviction is paramount if you’re to continue to enjoy your freedom. If you intend to fight back, you’ll need a Houston criminal defense lawyer that’s well versed in sex crime defense to help you. The law firm that I would like to recommend is Jack B. Carroll & Associates.

The famed Houston law firm is led by Texas Board Certified criminal law attorney Jack B. Carroll. He’s one of the most experienced sex crimes lawyers in Houston having maintained his law practices since back in 1990. If you’re facing criminal charges in Harris County, TX, for a sex crime like rape, sexual assault, or possession of kiddy porn, distribution of child pornography, I recommend contacting Jack B. Carroll & Associates. It’s best to act quickly so call today by dialing 713-228-4607 or by visiting their website and messaging their sex crimes defense division.

Resources for Legitimate Victims

Rebuilding Your Life After Sexual Assault

If you’re a victim of a sex crime and you’re looking for professional assistance and support for the work of rebuilding your life, follow the links below. If you’re looking for an attorney or legal advice, contact a licensed attorney. Content included in this writing does not constitute legal advice.

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