There has always been a link between illegal immigration and crime. For many years now, the number of people who are in the U.S illegally has been on a steady rise, and this comes with many risk factors and dangers such as those discussed below.

Shady Smugglers

Smugglers are out to make money, and many of them cannot guarantee that you will get to your destination safely. In fact, they have very little regard for someone’s life which in turn puts immigrants’ lives at risk. The best way to enter the United States is to talk with an experienced Houston immigration attorney like Carvana Cloud so you can avoid putting your life at risk.YCT Austin

The Scorching Heat

The temperatures in the US-Mexico border can soar to heights of about 117 degrees. Such heat is usually very dangerous and actually leads to many deaths. Even though some try to carry so much water to help with the heat, they end up being too exhausted to go with the journey and probably die out in the desert.

Hostile Vigilante and Racist Groups

The desert is not the only thing that illegal immigrants have to worry about. Federal Law is against this kind of activity, and there are also local vigilante and patriotic pro-American groups that will do everything possible to make their lives difficult. Border zones have many of these groups that would rather shoot an immigrant rather than give him or her some water to drink. These vigilantes even pursue immigrants out in the wild and kill them before they can reach the border.

Border Patrol

These are not the best law enforcers to deal with. In fact, you should fear them almost the same way you fear vigilantes. While they work to ensure that Federal Law is adhered to, they do so without any mercy or remorse. There are stories told of US border patrol units who instead of rescuing dying immigrants premeditated acts of violence and cruelty.

Even though not all people who try to enter the U.S. illegally want to perpetuate crime, many of them end up taking up that route after failing to find the greener pastures that thought awaited for them.